Ella Good & Nicki Kent

We've been working with classes of 7 - 10 year olds since we started A Decade With Mars. The project is really all about the future, so we want a big part of it to involve talking to young people about what they want to see and do in the world in the next ten years.


As it's a ten year project, it will grow with them. We'll be keeping in touch with classes we've visited, and revisiting with new workshops and things to get involved in as the project develops. So far we've launched bottle rockets and weather balloons together.


Children and teachers can keep up with the project and see documentation of their school's involvement on our children's website:




It was designed specially by children's illustrator Laurie Stansfield.



A Decade With Mars: Education work
'Our children are living through a very exciting period of space exploration and development. I wanted them to be part of the ‘A Decade With Mars’ project so that they could gain a greater understanding about the mission to Mars and become more knowledgeable about its implications for their future. It is important for children to understand how little we actually know about our wider universe, to appreciate the discoveries of space exploration being made in their lifetimes and to inspire them as future scientists to discover so much more as they become pioneers of the future'. - Year 4 Teacher in Bristol

Our workshops combine art and science, often fitting in with science weeks or key stage topics on Earth and Space.


If you are interested in finding out more about the workshops we offer and how your school could get involved, please contact us.