A Decade With Mars



In 2014 we first became interested in the idea of living on Mars. We heard about a company looking for applicants for a one way mission to leave Earth behind forever. We travelled around the UK meeting some of the applicants and filming interviews with them about why they wanted to become the first people to colonise the red planet.

We decided we’d keep meeting the applicants for ten years - over the timeline of when the mission to Mars was meant to take place. The company has since folded and it doesn’t look likely they’ll be the first on Mars, but in the meantime a lot else has happened in the lives of the people we met. Some have moved abroad, changed jobs, completed PhDs, one has won 4 million on the lottery (really).

We think it’s interesting to keep documenting the lives of these people who aspired to be Martians - to see what changes on a local, personal level as well as globally with Mars missions and the world. At the end of our ten years we’ll make this into a full length film.


Project Speech

Here’s a short speech we made about the project in 2014 when we brought our group of applicants together, in a house in Bristol.


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