Ella Good & Nicki Kent

As part of A Decade With Mars, we have met a group of people who applied to go on a one way trip to Mars, who wanted to be the first humans to colonize another planet. Over the next ten years, we will keep meeting them and documenting our time together, doing things that mark the present and imagine the future.


We have filmed interviews with them all about why they made their applications to go and live on another planet, but have also just done really normal things together, like going to the science museum, going to watch bands, going for lunch, going to Christmas markets. It's becoming equally about getting to know them as much as it is about their aspirations to go and live on another planet.


In 2014 we brought all of the applicants to Bristol. We'd been to all of their houses and wanted to bring them to where we live, and for them all to meet each other.


Here's a short speech we made at the dinner.




A Decade With Mars: The Launch Party